RENship Hybrid Carbon-free electrically driven fishing longliner with low
power methanol combustion engine for both propulsion and
auxiliary equipment


There is a now a marked growing need for environmentally friendly, fuel efficient
and better suited vessels to replace the various ageing fleets of in-shore fishing
vessels and sightseeing boats, both domestically and internationally.
To answer this need, a group of some of the leading companies in the Icelandic
marine industry have come together and laid down a plan to design and produce a
new type of a prototype longliner. This vessel is designed for that specific purpose
but in so doing it is still made flexible enough to be used in various other
applications, such as general transport, sightseeing and whale watching, with
minimal changes.
It will be the first Hybrid vessel that powers the combustion engine with methanol,
completely optimized for its purpose. It will be able to operate solely on battery
power for majority of its time at sea and utilizing every advantage such as wind
and solar power.
It will reduce fuel cost and CO2 emissions up to 50% compared to current vessels
and offers unparalleled working conditions on board due to battery power and
optimal hull shape.
There is no commercial fishing vessel of this size available with hybrid technology
and the market for such a vessel will only grow with time. As future technology
improves and batteries become cheaper and lighter, the boats will be made to run
solely on noiseless and vibration free battery power, charged from the local
electrical network grid.